Our customers

Our way of relating to our customers is one of our strongest means of competition. To be extremely present and proactive in our dialogue with customers is central to us. Being a relatively minor actor, all customers and assignments are important to us and we take nothing for granted.

The common denominator among our customers is that they often are relatively large companies with complex activities, having a possibility-oriented focus when it comes to developing and making more efficient their processes and support systems. Our reputation is excellent, which is evident not least through the many new assignments and queries from our customers. We are convinced that this is the result of the busy and engaged dialogue we have with our customers, often with several points of interest in various areas of the customer company since our offer is a mix of products and services. We go to great lengths to understand the entirety of our customers' activities and we often contribute creatively in suggesting new solutions from the vantage point of our own analyses and experiences.

The trend we can see is that the amounts of information and flows are ever increasing even within small and medium-sized companies, and also the need for surveyability and bringing things into focus. Therefore, as FindOut evolves and grows, we are ever more raring to go in welcoming new customers in new business areas, and not necessarily big corporations. Are you such a customer?