FindOut is a company which aspires to grow in a controlled fashion and wants to be seen as positive and serious by employees and the market alike. An important building block in this is to define the company's ”soul” and basic values. At FindOut this is described in the so-called Foundation – ett document the company is guided by as we grow and evolve.

The common values within the company are:

  • Common sense
  • Honesty
  • Every person's equal worth
  • Long-term thinking
  • Professionalism

Another important aspect that is raised in The Foundation is the symbiosis between own product development and consulting activities at the customer. We argue that this is a critical success factor, partly because it provides varying and stimulating work content, partly because it grounds us in reality, which means we can offer the market really useful and relevant products.

Some employees

Ramzi Jaber - porträttbild

Ramzi Jaber

Ramzi är 34 år och var en av de första konsulterna på FindOut. Han har flera spännande javauppdrag inom bank/finans bakom sig och sitter just nu i ett uppdrag hos en tung aktör inom dagligvaruhandeln där han jobbar med GUI-delen i en helt ny applikation. Ramzi är även en av våra certifierade scrum-masters.

Martin Lindblad - porträttbild

Martin Lindblad

Martin is 28 and is one of our young, able java developers. His main task is to propel the further development of our tool for project visualization, Paipe. But at the moment he is making use of his experiences concerning Eclipse RCP in a consultant assignment for a customer. Martin is, by the way, the company's greatest talent in sports.