From information to insight

FindOut's products are aimed at giving you a better overview and bringing your company's activities into focus, thus giving you the chance to make the right decisions at the right time. We start from our customers' existing information systems and refine the value of these by making the information easier to interpret.

We work with products and services in symbiosis which gives us business models that cover finished licence-based products to products that are tailored within the confines of a commissioned project.

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Our product philosophy

  • Close cooperation with customers
    Our product development is carried out in close cooperation with customers in order to ensure that we define demands that give concrete benefits vis-á-vis the end-user.
  • Agile methodology
    We involve the customer in the product development in order to get quick feedback through frequent iteration of sketches, prototypes and early beta releases – an agile work process.
  • Intuitive design
    A modern IT product should adhere to the desired work process within an activity. A person should not have to change his or her work flow because of a product which is not sufficiently flexible or intuitive.
  • Adaptable solution
    A good product should graphically support the manner in which an activity itself chooses to represent its information.
  • Easy to maintain
    A product which should be simpler to maintain and thereby more cost-efficient should not be used for its own sake. One must continuously keep one's eye on the horizon for future maintenance.
  • High level of service
    Our customers should experience a high level of service in their contacts with us. We should provide a quick response regardless of the issue. A basic attitude of appreciating customer contacts should be established by a desire to always strive for absolute customer satisfaction.