Eye Dashboard

The all-embracing benefit of most forms of Dashboards is to make decision-makers aware of the status of the business areas concerned by realising the age-old dream of ”information at your fingertips”. This enables the right action to be taken directly when it is necessary, which saves time and money.

Dashboard ExampleEye Dashboard is a koncept to provide various forms of decision-makers with easy-to-understand visualization of the exact information that is relevant for the role, and on which decisions are based. The solution is marked by simplicity, most often a web-based Dashboard with a role-based log in and intuitive user interface that quickly generates benefits!

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Eye Dashboard Features

  • Scalable architecture – It is lightweight enough to be implementable even in a limited business area.
  • Starts from role-based views – The Dashboard should be able to display different information for different decison-makers.
  • Is built on Open Source – no adherence to proprietary technology.
  • Connection vis-á-vis your existing information systems – is not adapted to a limited set of systems.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand interfaces based on FindOut's competence in visualization.