Makes your projects more successful

To manage large, complex projects is an extremely difficult task. A project manager is responsible for delays and costs exceeding budgets. Even if there are ever more advanced tools for project planning, many projects tend to fail in meeting deadlines, meeting budget requirements or simply living up to the customer's expectations.

Paipe is a tool which through visualization gives the project support from several perspectives, such as:

  • Simplifying the dialogue between interested parties
  • Managing changing demands
  • Quick identification of delays
  • Insight into dependencies within and between projects.
  • Paipe is very flexible and user-friendly and does not require your adherence to the tool, but supports you in the processes and project methodologies you are already using!

“The System Anatomy – Enabling Agile Project Management”, is a book about system and project anatomy. FindOut contributed to the chapter “The Project Anatomy”, written by our colleague Erik Blom, whom usually helps organisations to adapt anatomies as a work methodology in their product development. The book can be found and bougt at Adlibris

Read more about Paipe in our product leaflet, via the menu, or contact us for further information about how Paipe can support you.

Paipe Features

  • Paipe anatomi
  • Import, visualize and maintain complex project information with Paipe
  • Define dependencies vis-á-vis other projects and get automatic updates
  • Communicate project information through intranet publishing
  • Generate reports or export project information to Excel
  • Edit project changes directly during meetings and visualise the effects for all those present
  • Connect documents and links to your visualized project
  • Do not adapt your work to the tool but let Paipe support you in the processes you are using